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zondag 19 februari 2012

What's Cookin'? Pt 2

For me the weekend equals taking my time to cook delicious meals. Yesterday, for example, I made some lasagne :) Well 'some' is actually an understatement since I made lasagne for 2 or 3 days (I have always sucked at estimating how much food to make, so I always make too much ;p).

You start making this amazing lasagne by cooking the tomato sauce with baked minced meat, bell peppers, onion and garlic (you can add a number of other vegetables but I was a little short on supplies. But mushrooms, eggplant, and so on are also amazing in this dish!). As a variation on this classic tomato sauce, you can also add some spinach and mascarpone for a fuller, creamier sauce, but that's a matter of personal taste and what you feel like at the moment :). After making the sauce, you let it cook for quite a while and you start making the cheese sauce, in a classic lasagne it's actually plain bechamel sauce, but I already add cheese to it, since I find that it gives the lasagne a 'fuller' taste. While you're doing this, also start preheating the oven. Oh yeah, don't forget some fun music while cooking and bust a move ;)!

After you finish with this, you take out an oven dish and you start layering the lasagne sheets. On top of that goes a layer of tomato sauce, and on top of that a layer of cheese sauce. You repeat these steps until your dish is filled, or your sauces are all finished up. You finish with a layer of cheese sauce and loaaads of shredded cheese. You put this beauty in the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes. And then... we wait!

Et voila... a beautiful goldbrown crust! Bon appetit ;)!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

XO Aline

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