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maandag 13 februari 2012


She shoots... and she scores, oh yeaaaah!
Alright, I'm a little bit overexcited I must admit ;) So big surprise (well no, not really ofcourse!): no, I do not actually play soccer/football, but my shoppingspree today was just so awesoooome (picture me half-singing the word 'awesome') that it felt like I was owning the game! I'm so happy I could do a victory dance right now!

So anyways, what happened today was this: one of my best friends and I went on a little 'back to school' shopping trip. Just a 'little stop' at Zara (we are IN LOVE with Zara! Not kidding, we are!), to make us feel a bit better that vacation time is over and that it's going to be a semester full of hard work and a lot of assignments. So we thought we'd reward ourselves... in advance ;)! Like I said, I found some amazing pieces and I had fun, so now I'm ready to kick some university ass! Those second semester classes aren't going to know what hit them! (Yeah, we'll see how long I last before my lazy gene wins over my kick-ass mood ;)!)

I'll share the pictures of my new conquests tomorrow, so stay tuned! (Right now, I have to go over some transcripts of interviews for my workshop journalism tomorrow, bleh, but hey I'll kick these transcripts' asses too 'cause I'm awesome with my new clothes!)

sometimes I just get so sentimental ;)

Rainy greetings from Ghent

XO Aline

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    1. Thank you! I got obsessed with backless pieces, partly because they are just gorgeous and sexy and partly because I really want to get a tattoo on my back (a sentence/ word that's on my spine). I put a lot of thought in it, and later this month I'm turning 21 so I might just take the step ;)


  2. I wish I had a Zara store near where I live! Such a great store! xx

    1. Yeah it is! I'm so lucky that there's a great Zara store here in Ghent (unfortunately my wallet isn't that happy with it). But it's really worth the while to plan a shopping trip to a city where they do have one :)


  3. i love zara too! can't wait to see what you got! follow each other? xx sylvie