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zaterdag 11 februari 2012

Last Free Weekend

Monday, school starts again (Alreadyyyyy? Where the hell did those 2.5 weeks of vacation disappear to?).
But first, this week's biggest news! Yesterday I found out the grades of these past exams. They were pretty good, I have to say. I have to redo just one course in August, I'm a bit disappointed in myself because I really wanted to pass them all. But ok, it's still pretty well done I guess :).
To 'celebrate', I went out with a friend to eat some tapas. We did some catching up (with the exams, I really hadn't seen some people in a long, long time), enjoyed the delicious food and had a lot of fun!

But now, sadly, the 'last weekend' begins (oh so dramatic ;p).
I don't have a lot of classhours, so when school does start it will still be pretty relaxed. And... as a bonus, I do have some cool stuff coming up, like in my workshop journalism. We're going to Brussels to do some interviews with international journalists. Exciting!! But that's stuff for later... Right now, I'm going to enjoy my weekend by doing what I do best!

 I'm going to re-read my favorite books, take some new pictures, look at old pictures, have some ice cream AND hot chocolates.  I'll watch movies and tv-shows, stay in my PJ's all day long. I'll write, I'll cook delicious meals... Oh I'm lovin' it!

I'll make a new moodboard, check out my closet to see what I'll pack to go back to Ghent at the end of the weekend. I'll have some quality time with my boyfriend... Mmm, that's my kind of weekend. Quiet, relaxing, amaziiiing :)!

Enjoy the weekend!
XO Aline

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