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vrijdag 3 februari 2012

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Why the hell did I ever say that I love snow? I mean really, why?
First, I had to walk from my dormroom to the busstop. As I stepped outside, it suddenly started snowing. Not just a little, but the kind of 'I can't see because there's so much of it' snow. Yeah, that kind! You can probably imagine that I was pretty annoyed. It's all pretty and romantic and what not, as long as you don't have to walk more than 15 minutes in it with three bags!
Then, because of the snow, traffic was really slooooow and I almost missed my train. But not to worry, as always NMBS (the Belgian railway company) holds true to it's cliché of always being late. By the time the train finally exited Ghent, there were so many people on the train that you could easily compare us to a horde of livestock being transported to get slaughtered. Alright yes, I slightly exaggerated the situation but there really was like zero personal space.

But ok, even after all of that I must admit that snowy landscapes are so incredibly beautiful. As long as I'm inside, enjoying yet another hot chocolate (, in front of the fireplace covered in a warm blanket. Oh snow, my dear, I love you but I hate you. It's such a fine line isn't it?

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But seriously now:

Dear mister Snow, could you please let your friends, misses Sunshine and miss Hot Temperatures, know that I miss them and want them to come back? Thank you so much.

XO, Aline

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  1. Haha leuke post!
    Ik ben verplicht om in Gent te blijven vannacht want ik kon niet thuisgeraken door de sneeuw!

    x Eline - On high heels you're closer to the sky

    1. Dankje!
      Ik ben op tijd vertrokken, want toen mijn lieve mama me ophaalde aan het station was het zelfs al bijna niet meer te doen om erdoor te rijden met de auto. Ik blijf hopen op een snelle terugkeer van de lente in elk geval, het is net iets te koud naar mijn zin :p


  2. You are a very good writer, fun to read ;) and I have to tell you I do love snow, period. But I haven't see it over 5-6 years.. For now sending you some sun from Florida ;)

    1. Thank you so much, that's a great compliment :)! Well, I guess it's just that classic case of wanting want you don't have. When there isn't any snow, it seems really attractive for snow fights and such, but when it's actually there, it just doesn't stay fun for all that long. Hopefully we'll be seeing that sun you sent over soon ;)!


  3. i love these pic! greatness
    very moody!

    pls come back and follow us :)