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woensdag 29 februari 2012

Picture Perfect

These are some pictures from my wonderful birthdayweekend :) We had a relaxing weekend with delicious food, walks on the beach, going out for ice cream and watching movies. I loved every minute of it!

And now, it's present time...

The books are a gift from my boyfriend, since he knows I'm addicted to curling up on the couch with a good book, which  is exactly how my coming evenings will look like ;)
The blouse is a gift from a good friend and it's just sooo cute! Next week I'm doing a birthday dinner with a group of friends, so then I'll be able to add more present-pictures to the list ;) also I got myself two birthday presents from Zara!

A really well-fitting pale mint coloured jeans, which I've wanted to buy for ages now, and a veryyy comfy grey sweater... I think Zara really is making more profit because of my weekly shopping visits at their store, oh well their amazing items just always seduce me ;)

XO Aline

maandag 27 februari 2012

Song of the Day

I'm back from my weekend, and I had so much fun! My 21st birthday was amazing :)

Picture-updates from the weekend and my presents will follow tomorrow because now I have to work like crazy on my interview questions for tomorrow :)!

XO Aline

vrijdag 24 februari 2012

Song of the Day

And with this post, I'm leaving for my Birthday weekend at the Belgian coast :) A little weekend trip with my boyfriend for my b-day. Enjoy the weekend everyone & I'll be back on Monday!

XO Aline

Carnaval Photoalbum

These are some of the pictures taken on Carnaval :) I went as a Flower Girl and I had a lot of fun even though it was really cold, it was a great time with friends!

Did you celebrate carnaval?

XO Aline

donderdag 23 februari 2012

Start Wearing Purple

Ever since my beautiful new pumps arrived, I've been in a 'purple mood'. So today, I chose to pair my lovely purple jeans with some grey and black pieces!
What I love about this outfit is that it is very comfortable and relaxed, but the purple pieces give it a little extra 'flair' at the same time. I wore this outfit to meet up with my boyfriend, go to class and for a surprise 'party' at the chocolate bar (yes, it is every bit as awesome as it sounds) for a friend's birthday :)

First of all: I'm sorry, I know I suck at taking outfit pictures, which is why I almost never take them actually :) and for who's interested, I'm wearing a jeans and scarf from Forever 21, the boots are from La Redoute,  a grey long sleeve top from H&M, grey biker jacket from ICHI and a black knitted cardigan from Vero Moda.

Anyways, let me know what you think about my outfit, and from now on you can also find me on lookbook :)!

XO Aline

woensdag 22 februari 2012

Wednesday Afternoon

I got a present in the mailbox today, my new purple pumps! I'm considering it as an early birthday present for myself ;) After that I went to the store, picked up ELLE Magazine and now I'm just chilling out in my dormroom :)

new shoes: La Redoute

Favorite passtime: reading ELLE magazine, and drinking chocolate milk ;)

What do you think of these purple pumps, and what is your favorite fashion magazine?

XO Aline

dinsdag 21 februari 2012

February Wishlist

I'm constantly adding stuff to my wishlist, well actually to my multiple wishlists (the shoe list, the bag list, the clothes list,...). But today, I put together a special one: my Birthday Wishlist, since it's my 21st birthday this coming Saturday.
I'm so excited because of this! Turning 21 is sooo, I don't know, 'grown-up'-esque :) But anyways, I wanted to share my choices with you :)!

Featured in my Birthday Wishlist-collage are: Cheap Monday Melinda dress, Jofama Kenza bag, Zara wedges, Forever 21 Mint skinnies, Knotted back Nasty Gal top, Zara kids 'chillpants', Asos mint clutch, Criss Cross back top, Zara heels, H&M lace dress, Asos lila clutch, H&M boyfriend jeans, Kenza leather shorts (, Graphic tee (, Lilac shorts (, Mint sheer blouse (, Asos cutout dress, Asos treasure shoes, Asos yellow clutch.

Current obsessions: online windowshopping on asos, nastygal and nelly ;)!

Let me know what your favorite wishlist-item is, and tell me... What is your favorite webshop?

XO Aline

Song of the Day

I tend to make certain songs my personal soundtrack for a day, sometimes a week and then there are the songs that even make it to multiple weeks because I'm so addicted to them!
Today, I listened to Lana Del Rey's 'Born to Die' non-stop!

What do you think of this song & what's your song of the day?

XO Aline

zondag 19 februari 2012

Spotted Sunday

My Sundays are always so relaxed, so today I chose a comfortable outfit to go to breakfast with my boyfriend and to spend the rest of the day with my family :)

Outfit detail. Leopard jumper, Forever 21. Jeans, Bershka. Boots, La Redoute
Later today, I'll change into something a tad more edgy: my carnival costume. In which I hopefully won't freeze tonight ;)

Anyways, in the spirit of 'spots' I'll put the spotlight on something exciting!

Move over Alexa, 'cause here comes Del Rey... Mulberry will launch a new bag, named after Lana Del Rey, which will be available starting this May. The bag is a real beauty, in this is really one of those days that I wish I was just rich already ;) anyways, like I said: I think the bag is amazing and it will be available in different kinds of leather :)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Tell me, what do you think of the new Mulberry beauty? I'll conclude this post on the beautiful tunes of Lana Del Rey's 'Video games', love it :)!

Story source:

XO Aline

What's Cookin'? Pt 2

For me the weekend equals taking my time to cook delicious meals. Yesterday, for example, I made some lasagne :) Well 'some' is actually an understatement since I made lasagne for 2 or 3 days (I have always sucked at estimating how much food to make, so I always make too much ;p).

You start making this amazing lasagne by cooking the tomato sauce with baked minced meat, bell peppers, onion and garlic (you can add a number of other vegetables but I was a little short on supplies. But mushrooms, eggplant, and so on are also amazing in this dish!). As a variation on this classic tomato sauce, you can also add some spinach and mascarpone for a fuller, creamier sauce, but that's a matter of personal taste and what you feel like at the moment :). After making the sauce, you let it cook for quite a while and you start making the cheese sauce, in a classic lasagne it's actually plain bechamel sauce, but I already add cheese to it, since I find that it gives the lasagne a 'fuller' taste. While you're doing this, also start preheating the oven. Oh yeah, don't forget some fun music while cooking and bust a move ;)!

After you finish with this, you take out an oven dish and you start layering the lasagne sheets. On top of that goes a layer of tomato sauce, and on top of that a layer of cheese sauce. You repeat these steps until your dish is filled, or your sauces are all finished up. You finish with a layer of cheese sauce and loaaads of shredded cheese. You put this beauty in the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes. And then... we wait!

Et voila... a beautiful goldbrown crust! Bon appetit ;)!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

XO Aline

vrijdag 17 februari 2012

Working Girl with Weekend Plans

Busy week over here! After my big shopping adventure, the week became really crazy with assignments, group works, interviews, more school work and yesterday actual work. The hours I worked made up my little shopping spree of earlier this week, so yay for me ;)!

But this weekend is going to be so much fun! It's carnival, so after the weekend you'll probably see a lot of crazy pictures. In the meantime, let me entertain you with some "gorgeous" (oh the irony) pictures of last year.

Enjoy the weekend!

we heart it

XO Aline

dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Score! Part Two...

I'm back and it's Valentine's Day, so  I guess 'love is in the air'!
I loved part one of 'Score!', but I have to say that part two is a tad more likeable. It has pictures and not just any pictures! Nooo, it has pictures of cute, amazing, gorgeous clothes I bought from Zara yesterday :)! (My bank account wants to kill me right now, but Thursday I'm working so you'll be just fine sweetie ;) I hope...)

Score number one: The mintgreen tanktop with lace back

lace detail
This piece is amazing, it's flowy and the colour is so pretty for this spring & summer! I can imagine myself wearing it tucked into pants or a skirt, or even just as a cover-up over my bikini when I'm on vacation because it's actually quite long :) Anyways, I'm in love with this piece, it's simple yet elegant and I love (love, love, love, love, you can't imagine how freakin' much!) lace!

Score number two:  the black asymmetrical dress

detail of the high low element of the dress
Ever since I tried on this gorgeous floral asymmetrical dress at Zara before Christmas (didn't have enough money at the time, plus I was a little too small for that particular dress) I have been obsessed (I have literally spent hours online searching for the perfect one!) with finding thé asymmetrical dress, you know the one that blows your off your feet... Am I going too far here ;p? Anyways, I had my mind set on a simple black dress, so the high-low element of the dress would really be like the 'showstealer'. Yesterday, I found this one! The asymmetry isn't that dramatic or exaggerated, but I loved the way it looked on me and I still looove the asymmetrical aspect of the dress, which is still obvious :) I kinda think I'll wear it to my birthday dinner with my boyfriend later this month :).

Score number three: the high low floral skirt

Well, what can I say? I love asymmetry I guess ;) I saw this skirt on the online Zara shop, fell hopelessly in love and decided I could not live without this skirt! When I walked into Zara, I was determined to find it. I was a woman on a mission (Katy B on a mission has nothing on me, let me tell you that!) and I actually kinda 'screamed' "SCOOORE!" when I located the skirt. I didn't even have to try it on to know that I would buy this lovely one, but I tried it on, fell even more in love and now I can't wait to wear it (really taking my love for clothes too far over here ;p)! While it's still chilly, I think I'll pair it with some chunky knits and my black leather jacket & when Spring/Summer sets in I'll pair it more 'romantically'. I actually think it'll look really cute with the mintgreen tank top from above :) I'm going to have so much fun in/with this skirt!

Score number four: The basic white t-shirt

It's really basic, but that was kinda the whole point. While watching 'old' episodes of Wendy's lookbook (she's so great!) I suddenly realized I didn't have a basic white Tee anymore after losing my old one, except for one that's really tight and I actually don't really like wearing those kind of tshirts (You go out for lunch or dinner, you eat a bit too much and suddenly it's like you're expecting your first child. I don't know about you, but I don't like my 'foodbabybump' showing). This one has a far more relaxed fit, a beautiful V-neck and really is an essential closet item. Autumn, Winter, Spring & Summer, you can wear it any season :) So yay for this item!

Score number five: the white t-shirt... with a twist! (Yeah I know, these 'Scores' just keep on coming don't they? Why didn't anyone tell me to stop buying things? Can't believe I'm not actually broke yet ;p)

From the front it seems like your ordinary slouchy white tshirt, but the back has a nice surprise!

Well hello beautiful cut-out details! Aren't you just gorgeous? White tshirts are so versatile and easy to combine and although I'm more for black as a colour, until like last year my closet was mainly existing out of black, grey and  a few red pieces :p, you just can't live without a few white essentials! They just give you so much more options and they are great for summer!

These are my new treasures, I love every piece to death (creepy much?). Sadly, or depending on the way you look at it you could also say 'Yay more clothes!', I still have like a thousand more things on my wishlist so my bank account is going to hate me even more. But we'll just work a little more this semester and every little thing is gonna be alright (sing it with me! 'don't worry... about a thing...')

I also have an extra picture, these aren't really 'new', I bought them in my 'exams-are-over' shopping spree (I always come up with great reasons to go shopping, don't I?) but forgot to post them then. Three rings and a pair of earrings (one of my other current obsessions: the colours purple and teal)

What is your favorite item?

I hope you enjoyed this post, I know I at least enjoyed the 'back to school' shopping spree.
I'm sending you some Valentine's Day Love (is everyone wearing something red today ;p?)!

XO Aline

maandag 13 februari 2012


She shoots... and she scores, oh yeaaaah!
Alright, I'm a little bit overexcited I must admit ;) So big surprise (well no, not really ofcourse!): no, I do not actually play soccer/football, but my shoppingspree today was just so awesoooome (picture me half-singing the word 'awesome') that it felt like I was owning the game! I'm so happy I could do a victory dance right now!

So anyways, what happened today was this: one of my best friends and I went on a little 'back to school' shopping trip. Just a 'little stop' at Zara (we are IN LOVE with Zara! Not kidding, we are!), to make us feel a bit better that vacation time is over and that it's going to be a semester full of hard work and a lot of assignments. So we thought we'd reward ourselves... in advance ;)! Like I said, I found some amazing pieces and I had fun, so now I'm ready to kick some university ass! Those second semester classes aren't going to know what hit them! (Yeah, we'll see how long I last before my lazy gene wins over my kick-ass mood ;)!)

I'll share the pictures of my new conquests tomorrow, so stay tuned! (Right now, I have to go over some transcripts of interviews for my workshop journalism tomorrow, bleh, but hey I'll kick these transcripts' asses too 'cause I'm awesome with my new clothes!)

sometimes I just get so sentimental ;)

Rainy greetings from Ghent

XO Aline

zaterdag 11 februari 2012

What's Cookin'?

On the menu today: chicory wrapped in ham with cheese sauce, in the oven, in Belgium we call it 'hespenrollekes'! Yummie...

Ingredients (for 3 persons):
-chicory (6 to 8 pieces)
-slices of ham (1 slice per piece of chicory)
-500 ml cheese sauce (this is a bit much, but you just make as much as you like, I happen to looove cheese sauce)
-grated cheese (100 gr)

Step 1: Bake or cook the pieces of chicory until they're well-done (I prefer baking, because when cooked the pieces of chicory hold a lot of water and the cheese sauce becomes watery as well...). This step takes a while, I'd say approximately an hour. When you can easily pierce through the chicory with a fork, then it's done... Meanwhile also pre-heat the oven.

Step 2: Heat up the cheese sauce or make it yourself. When you make it yourself, use milk, loads of grated cheese, a bit of flour for binding, pepper, salt and other spices you like.

Step 3: Wrap the ham around the chicory

Step 4: Put the wrapped chicory in an oven dish, pour over the cheese sauce, cover with (loads of) grated cheese and put in the oven. Set the oven on grill.

Step 5: Watch the dish get a beautiful goldbrown crust ;)

Step 6: Get it out of the oven when it has that beautiful crust I was talking about. Scoop on your plate, take as much of the cheese sauce as you like and enjoy!

I love the dish on it's own, but it also goes well together with potatoes (baked or cooked)

Bon appétit!

XO, Aline