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dinsdag 31 januari 2012

Come On Skinny Love...

For the last five years, (except for my complete obsession with cute dresses) I have literally been living in skinny pants. Jeans, jeggings, leggings: all things skinny. And although my 'skinny love' will never pass, today I've finally added boyfriend jeans to my Must Have-list. Just to mix things up a little, and alright yes because they are incredibly versatile and amazing in certain combinations. But not to worry my beloved skinny jeans, you're also very much represented on that list in new and bright colors ;).

Skinny love moment in Cologne, Germany

XO, Aline

Day Two

It's day two of my brand new blog and I'm chilling on the couch in my comfy pj's, enjoying my break from uni after a really stressful exam period. On this last day of January, it seems like King Winter finally found his way to Belgium. And here I was, already longing for Spring so I could finally start wearing the new additions to my already HUGE wardrobe. But hey, I can always just start wearing them in layers. It's also on lazy days like this that I come up with the best new outfit combo's, there are just so many inspiring fashion bloggers on the net and I LOOOVE looking around! But anyways, I have a lot of fun plans for the rest of this week, including a night out at the Culture Club in Ghent, so hopefully I can post some great snapshots this weekend! In the meantime I'll just post some fun pictures from the Culture Club opening night last Summer, since I'm longing for hot temperatures so much.

I hope you enjoyed these pics! Somewhere this week I'm also going to get the new series of pictures from my analog camera developed, so we'll see how those turn out and I'll post them when I get the chance.

XO Aline

maandag 30 januari 2012

Last Year's Highlights

Although it's only the first month of 2012 that's almost over, it's never too early to feel nostalgic over last year's greatest moments, captured on film.

2011, you were great! My dream for the rest of 2012 (January really doesn't count for students, since it equals being locked up in your room with all of your textbooks) is that it'll be equally filled with love, true friends, inspiration to write & a lot of opportunities and snapshots to create an even longer list of highlights at the end of 2012!

XO, Aline


"Every beginning is hard": a cliché just like any other. But that definitely doesn't stop those words from being any less true. But everyone has to start somewhere, and this will be my starting point. Coincidental, this fits really well in my whole 'fresh-start-wish' for this year. So here it goes; on Van Morrison's tune I'm writing my first entry on my brand new blog. Let's do this!