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vrijdag 3 februari 2012

Treasure Hunting

I found some new treasures this morning! Three lovely nailpolishes and a fabulous skirt. And on the way back to my dormroom I found even more treasures: darkpurple tights and amazing new jewellery.
It was indeed a great morning for treasure hunting in Brown Eyed Girl-land.
Funny thing is that I didn't even set out to go shopping, I just met up with a friend to have some hot chocolate (yes I am addicted) and it just evolved into looking around in a few stores, which evolved into buying these beauties.

Well at least I can say I had a great morning! Plus, I'm just working through my must have list, which also has to be done! (Excuses for when my mom says that I already have so much clothes and that I really have to stop buying new ones)

See, I'm not even halfway through it so it's essential that I start somewhere on my new list! Next Tuesday, I'm going shopping to Antwerp with a few friends, so then I can at last continue my quest for the Holy Grail(s) (I was feeling a little Monty Python vybe going on, which is always genius).

Until then, I'm going to relax a bit, and sadly also try to work for school. I have a proposal for my thesis due next Wednesday, so it's time to make a decision in terms of what subject I'm going to be researching.

Anyways, I'm packing up my stuff to spend a weekend at home so I'll just conclude with two pictures of myself (well, aren't I a little narcist or what?) from the last month (horrible quality, I know).

XO Aline

my attempt at a wink, I suck

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