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zondag 8 april 2012

A cyberspace lovestory: Pinterest

This one's for all of you who have been living in a cave or under a rock for the past few weeks/months. Nah, I'm just kidding ;) I actually did a review on Pinterest for a youth magazine, as a test article and now I got the 'job' (actually it's a non-paid gig, but nevertheless it's a writing position so I love it!).
And I have to say: Pinterest is growing on me! I really love browsing through the inspiration boards of other people, and even through my own. Plus it's a great way of organizing the things that inspire you, the things you love and the things you find beautiful.All in all I think it's a great addition to the world of social networksites, it gives you the option of showing the world a part of your personality through pictures.

Do I hear you ask what's the difference with facebook and it's photo albums? Well, seeing as you asked I'll be so kind to explain ;) Pinterest gives you the chance to share your interests, so your pinboards actually, with a wider range of people than you would be able to via facebook (unless ofcourse you don't find facebook that personal, or you have a seperate facebookpage for your blog. But these are details ofcourse!).

So it's probably already obvious that I love Pinterest! I'm in the process of sketching up a plan for remodelling and redecorating my room at home and I've found amazing ideas for that little project on Pinterest. And ofcourse, amaaazing fashion pictures and great inspiration for new ways to style your hair and so on.

Do you love Pinterest or not? And if you have a Pinterest, please share it with me! I would love to see your pinboards! And you can check my pinboards HERE!

XO Aline

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  1. i do absolutely love's a great way to save and share inspiration without killing your computer :-) would love it if you checked mine out!

  2. thanks! Just follow you number 30 on Google n' number 6 on 'lovin :) have a nice night!

    Fashion Sinner Facebook Fanspage

  3. Great blog, I like it! I'm following you, if you like do the same!

    Thanks, Alessia



  4. You look so pretty darling! btw,i adore your blog so much.can we follow each other?Let me know if u want.


  5. Following you back both on bloglovin and gfc darling.keep it touch.
    p.s in case you don't see me in your gfc.just check closer,i'm in the 2nd or 3rd row of your followers in gfc. Thanks again.