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maandag 30 januari 2012

Last Year's Highlights

Although it's only the first month of 2012 that's almost over, it's never too early to feel nostalgic over last year's greatest moments, captured on film.

2011, you were great! My dream for the rest of 2012 (January really doesn't count for students, since it equals being locked up in your room with all of your textbooks) is that it'll be equally filled with love, true friends, inspiration to write & a lot of opportunities and snapshots to create an even longer list of highlights at the end of 2012!

XO, Aline

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Seeing the polaroids one after another makes me feels like I`m watching a movie :). I also feel nostalgic from time to time but hey, 2012 will be great as well... Good luck with those exams, you`re almost ready.

    X, Sarah

  2. I hope you mean that in a good way! I love the effect, the 'older' colors :) And thanks, I just finished this week so I can finally start to enjoy 2012.

  3. Some really lovely photos, I love the summer ones and the snow! xxx

  4. Thank you! The one with the snow is the backyard at my parent's house and the summer ones are taken in Lisbon, Portugal which was an amazing summer trip :)

    XO Aline